Photography for Graphic Design Fall 2008

Design has multiple personalities. The business of design is to communicate specific information, often the message of the client – to specific audiences. In our economy, design USUALLY has a job to do – BUT designers can take on other roles. Designers can be mediators, authors, inventors, artists… taking on experimental content, questions, ideas, and concepts. As a graphic artist, a designer can leverage design thinking and professional strategy for the purpose of alternative/subversive message, and dissemination of critical thought drawn from a diversity of individual, social, cultural, conceptual, ethical, and/or intellectual motivations.

As designers you are aware of the power of image to create meaning, desire, and provocation. This course explores the language, tools and practice of photography from a design perspective. Projects, reading, dialogue, and deviations will reinforce skills, complement the design process, and acclimate students to some professional design/photography scenarios.